Ready to sell your vehicle but don't want to deal with the stress, cost, and paperwork? You've come to the right place! At Bentley Austin, our sales and finance team are ready to help you consign your vehicle at our dealership and on our website. Take advantage of our expert team, we'll take care of everything from handling all buyer interactions and ensuring they have the proper financing to offering extended warranties and vehicle test drives.

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Vehicle consignment at Bentley Austin empowers you to sell your vehicle with confidence and with little legwork. Our team effortlessly translates our care and knowledge of sales, finance, and services to sell your vehicle at the price you deserve. We are here to guide you through every step of your automotive journey with attentiveness and passion.


Looking to off-load your vehicle fast and at a fair price? The experts at Bentley Austin will work with you to list your vehicle at an agreed-upon price. Whatever the year, model, mileage, or wear; we'll work with you to put your vehicle on the market and in front of eager buyers.


To help you get the most money for your vehicle, our team will thoroughly inspect your vehicle for any wear and tear. If needed, our certified technicians will recondition and repair your vehicle without cutting in too much on your sales margins. Our service team will of course run everything by you for approval before any modifications or repairs are made.


One of the biggest perks of listing your vehicle with us is unlocking marketing for your vehicle at no extra cost! Our customers will see your vehicle at our dealership and on our website. Your vehicle can also be found on our main dealer group's Hi Tech Motorcars website! We'll even list your vehicle on various automotive sales sites like AutoTrader,, CarGurus, Facebook, and more.


Once we've received a firm offer for your vehicle and a sale is in progress, we'll contact you to arrange a payment method that works best for you. After your sale is finalized, we can help you find your next ride. As a premier Texas Bentley dealer, we have a huge selection of New, Pre-Owned, and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles from which to choose. Bentley of Austin online and offline customers enjoy vehicle Specials every day. So whether you are looking for a new or pre-owned Bentley car or SUV you will find it here. We have helped many customers from Austin, TX.