How to Use Paddle Shifters

San Antonio drivers wondering, “What do paddle shifters do,” are in the right place. Read on for an overview of what paddle shifters are, how to use paddle shifters, and more. If you’re still struggling to use your paddle shifters after reading this guide, don’t hesitate to reach out to our parts department for help. Bentley Austin is here to make sure you know how to use all of the exciting features in your Bentley.

What Are Paddle Shifters?

Usually featured on sportier vehicles, paddle shifters allow Dallas drivers to shift gears more quickly to smoothly accommodate the twists and turns of high-performance driving. Most often located behind or near the steering wheel, the paddle shifters will give you the ability to quickly raise and lower gears without fussing with your shifter. They’ll help you manage your RPMs with greater precision and smoothly downshift (which greatly extends the life of your brakes).

How to Use Paddle Shifters

El Paso drivers should note that paddle shifters are for driving manual, and help you achieve even smoother shifting. Using paddle shifters is easy. You’ll just want to identify the button that raises your gears and the button that lowers your gears. The only unique thing to note is that your paddle shifters won’t change your gears if:

  • You shift up prior to the engine reaching the lowest limit of the gear you’re shifting towards.
  • You shift down before the lower gear has hit its upper limit.
  • You accidentally press one pedal while the other is being held down.
  • You press both paddles at the same time.
  • You shift to the third gear and up while in park or stopped.

Learn More About Paddle Shifters at Bentley Austin

If Houston drivers have any lingering confusions about our answer to the question, “What do paddle shifters do,” don’t hesitate to reach out. You can call us at 512-985-2943. We’ll happily walk you through the steps of how to use paddle shifters. If you have concerns about other car topics, be sure to explore our service tips and part tips and more informative guides about how to clean leather car seats and how often to change your oil!

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