Experience customized and hassle-free lease return with Bentley Austin in Austin TX. Through our Finance Center, we offer a variety of lease return options so you can customize your plan to what works best for you! Keep reading to review all of your lease return options and learn more about the benefits of leasing and financing through Bentley Austin.

Interested in turning your lease in early to exchange for a new model? Want to purchase your current lease? Whatever you may be looking for, Bentley Austin's experts in the Finance Center are here to help. Bentley Austin offers numerous end-of-lease options to choose from, including:

  1. You can lease a new vehicle
  2. Purchase a new vehicle
  3. Purchase your currently leased vehicle
  4. Walk away hassle-free after your inspection


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The Bentley Lease is a smart alternative to a cash purchase or traditional financing. With flexible terms, mileage options, and no required security deposit, the Bentley Lease can be customized to meet your driving habits. In addition, the Bentley Lease offers established lease-end residual values and protection against downside risk on resale value at lease maturity.

We also offer Single Pay Lease, a strategic alternative to outright cash-purchase your lease. It provides all the benefits of a conventional lease while allowing you to bypass the cycle of check-writing that accompanies the conventional lease experience.


  • Easy access to the latest models
  • Convenient returns and upgrades
  • Flexible lease-end options
  • Constant warranty coverage


  • Only allowed limited mileage amounts
  • Possible repairs charges at end of lease
  • No modification allowed
  • Not building equity


Nearing the end of your lease? During the last six months of your lease, you should begin to consider your next steps. Bentley Austin offers a number of options so you can feel confident in your decision. Here are some things you should consider during the last few months of your lease to be best prepared when turning in your leased vehicle:

  • Identify any potential excess wear and use through a self-assessment
  • Make necessary repairs to avoid any excess wear and use charges
  • Research the benefits of leasing vs financing with Bentley Austin
  • Schedule a Turn-In Appointment


Financing is the perfect option for anyone looking to build their own Bentley, customize their Bentley, and unlock the full ownership experience. At Bentley Financial Services, we offer a range of tailored financial packages to ensure you can enjoy the same freedom with your finances as you will behind the wheel.

That's not all, Bentley Retail Financing also enables higher standard insurance deductibles than commonly required with other finance programs. A higher deductible typically enables you to reduce your insurance premiums.


  • Total ownership of a valuable asset
  • Freedom from mileage restrictions
  • Ability to sell at any point
  • Factory warranty to cover major repairs


  • Higher monthly payments
  • Higher down payment
  • Higher repair costs
  • Vehicle depreciation


We know that drivers interested in owning a Bentley live a certain jet-setting lifestyle that leaves a calendar full. If your busy schedule prevents you from visiting our dealership, we have the resources you need to shop online. With just a few simple clicks, you can discern if a Bentley Bentayga finance offer is right for your budget and lifestyle. Online shopping tools to help you shop from the comfort of your home include:

  • Payment calculator - see how upgrading with a Bentley will impact the bottom line.
  • Trade-in value tool - discover the value of your current vehicle and see how much that value can roll over into your next purchase.
  • Financing application - save time and get pre-approved for an advantageous loan offer before you visit the dealership.


Contact us with any questions about the lease-end process or general financing and insurance information. You're also welcome to visit us in person in Austin, TX for assistance. We are dedicated to helping you find the upgrade of your dreams. Whether you are entranced by our Bentley Continental finance offers or our Bentley Bentayga finance offers are more your style, you can find the enhancement worthy of your lifestyle at Bentley Austin.


Leases generally go from 24 to 36 months depending on your terms.

  1. Turn in your vehicle and purchase or lease a new vehicle
  2. Purchase the vehicle you're currently driving
  3. Return your vehicle to Bentley Austin in Austin, TX

Yes, you can purchase your leased vehicle at any time during the lease. Contact Bentley Austin for forms, instructions, and the payoff amount. We cannot accept payoffs from third parties (such as friends and family). If a dealer would like to purchase your vehicle, they will need to contact us directly for the dealer payoff amount.

Leasing offers more financial freedom and less long-term commitment, whereas financing is an asset and can lead to no car payments in the long term.

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Warranty protection throughout most or all of your lease term
  • Flexible terms and mileage
  • Ability to turn in or buy your vehicle at lease-end
  • Mileage limitations
  • No customizations
  • Excessive wear cost
  • Not an asset
  • Customize the vehicle to make it uniquely yours
  • Unlimited miles without penalty
  • Build equity with ownership
  • There are no charges for excess wear and use
  • Higher monthly payments
  • Higher down payment
  • Higher repair costs
  • Vehicle depreciation